5 CV mistakes which could be costing you an interview

05 July 2018

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If you have been looking for a new role for a while and don’t seem to be getting invited to any interviews, even though you seem like the perfect candidate – it may be down to your CV. Whether or not recruiters are desperate to fill roles, they won’t send candidates forward for jobs if they don’t have good CV’s. These are some common mistakes which may be costing you those all-important interview invitations.


Poor formatting

It doesn’t matter how good your experience is and how skilled you are – if your CV is poorly formatted, it is likely to put recruiters off. The paragraphs should be aligned correctly and spacing should be consistent throughout the CV. You should also aim to stick with the same font, as using a range of different ones, can make the CV look messy. It is a good idea to save your CV in PDF format as this makes it easier to read on different formats.



Bad spelling

There really is no excuse for this – after all, there are plenty of spelling checks out there. If in doubt, ask someone else to check it for you. Bad spelling is highly off-putting and shows you have either rushed through it or you are careless. Neither of these are appealing to prospective employers.


Too long

There is no need to have a CV which looks like an essay; this can actually have the opposite effect of what was intended. As a general rule 2-3 pages is enough. Recruiters only tend to skim through CV’s and they definitely don’t have time to read 10 pages of text.



No contact details

If you don’t have any contact details on your CV, how do you expect recruiters to get in touch with you? Your contact details should be at the top of your CV and it is a good idea to use a header for this information, as this way it will be on every page. Contact details should include your telephone number and email address; a LinkedIn profile can also be useful to provide the recruiter with further information.


Lack of skills

It is important to format your CV into sub-headings, which will include your experience, skills and your qualifications. Although experience is essential, the recruiter will also want to know what skills you possess, and this is quite often omitted from CV’s. It is a good idea to use keywords, as quite often recruiters look for these or they may use recruitment technology which only recognises specific keywords.



Your CV is your shop window and is the make or break as to whether you will get invited for an interview. It is important to take care when creating your CV and ensure there are no errors. It is also a good idea to tailor your CV to each role you are applying for. Take a look at our CV writing guide for a more in-depth understanding of how to create the perfect CV.


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