The benefits of being upfront with your recruiter

12 February 2018

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If you are looking for a new job, a recruiter can prove to be invaluable. Recruiters have extensive knowledge of the recruitment process, good connections with employers and are often involved in the ultimate decision of whether to hire you or not. If you build a strong relationship with a recruiter and are open and honest with them about your situation, you will find that it will really benefit you when you are trying to find a new role. If you are not honest with your recruiter, it could be really detrimental in securing a new role. These are some the benefits of being upfront with your recruiter.


Advice and Support

Your recruiter has knowledge of all aspects of the recruitment process and can offer you advice and support. If you build up a good relationship with your recruiter, they will often provide you with free advice on producing a great CV and tips for an interview. Recruiters know what employees are looking for and what puts them off, so they are in the best possible place to help you out.


Accommodate Changing Circumstances

As long as you are open and upfront with your recruiter, you will find that they will do their best to accommodate any changing circumstances you have. For example, if you are working full time through a recruitment agency and want to cut your hours, instead of leaving abruptly without notice, be upfront with them and let them know your position. You will find that by doing this, your recruiter will do their best to support these changes. If you don’t tell them your situation, you can’t really expect them to help you out.


Make You a Priority

If you are open with your recruiter and don’t leave them in the lurch, you will find that they will be more willing to make you a priority. For example, when a new vacancy arises, they will contact you first before others and let you know about the opportunity. It is important to have a great relationship with your recruiter, which is built on mutual trust and respect, as this will benefit both parties and will help you to secure a new job. An upfront candidate will always become a priority for recruiters.



Actively Seek Opportunities

If you let your recruiter know exactly what you are looking for and are upfront during the process, you will find that they will be more willing to actively seek opportunities which suit you. For example, you may wish to work for a specific company or in a particular role and they can use their connections with employers to help you achieve your goals.



Influence Decision

Believe it or not, recruiters can actually influence the decision of the employer as to whether or not they hire you. If you are an open, honest candidate, the recruiter will be willing to make a recommendation to the employer on your behalf. It is ultimately the recruiter’s reputation on the line, so they will only go the extra mile if they think you are worth the effort. Speak to your recruiter if anything is troubling you about your work or if you feel the circumstances are not quite right for you. They will appreciate the fact that you have been open and honest.



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