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13 July 2018

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Speaker 1: You're listening to Manufacturing Ignition Recruitment Advice, bringing you right up to date on the latest recruitment information, trends and discussions to help you recruit the best people for your business. Sponsored by Bonfire Recruitment, helping manufacturing leaders across the UK to attract the best talent for their manufacturing company. Ignite your business or career today by visiting Here's your hosts, Terry Mallin and Scott Buchanan.


Terry Mallin: We'll go on to the Recruitment Minute and the Recruitment Minute today is obviously, once you've engaged with that top 15%, how do you secure the interviews for a position in your company? You've went out to the market, you've mapped out the market. There's 50 people who are suitable.

Terry Mallin: You then work out that actually there's, I don't know, seven or eight people that are actually in that, sort of top 15% that you're interested in. How do you actually convert those people to actually coming in for an interview, showing that they're interested? Scott, I think there's three key points that me and you discussed earlier today. One of the key points being, you've got to make sure you have good engagement with each of the prospects.

Terry Mallin: It may take multiple points of contact to actually get that person to have an actual conversation with you. A lot of people that we know in industry or anywhere, whether it be internal or the agency, would only send maybe one or two emails or messages or try once or twice on the phone but actually, a lot of our background and experience has shown that actually it can take up to five points of contact before somebody gets back to you and gets engaged?



Scott Buchanan: Yeah, you're right. Well, there's a working example this week whereby there's the nameless client who believes that their internal recruitment teams have got the capability. To be fair to the client, they've got a very good quality team but actually, the network doesn't have enough depth in terms of that their talent team needs to cut across so many disciplines, so many different angles. Actually, different sectors and so on as well but they're actually getting in to the specialist nature of what we do.

Scott Buchanan: That way, they don't actually have that influence. They may be able to do a quick search but wouldn't actually have the influence over the particular point of talent. I think that's important and at the end of the day, it's all very well being able to talk about a piece of talent but actually being able to get them in front of the client, I think's equal or more important. Actually get them happy with the new company and then being successful in the new role, as well.


Terry Mallin: That all comes through the, engaging in the conversation. That initial conversation's very important. That there is much detail given as possible about the position that you might be recruiting. Whenever me and Scott are recruiting a particular role for a company, we create a PDF on that business which could be five to ten pages. What we'll ensure on that PDF is that there's full detail and background about the company, the location, the customer, the products.

Terry Mallin: Obviously within reason that you're not breaking any confidentiality but actually going then into more about the job description. When I say a job description it's not, "This is your responsibilities. This is what we're looking for." This is actually about having a really detailed proposal on how this job would be attractive to somebody and that's very, very key. What I would also say as well Scott, as we said, we've been speaking about this the last couple of weeks, is actually getting the hiring manager, whoever that might be, to do a video call and have that recorded.

Terry Mallin: Actually they can discuss the role and how this person would become a part of the team, what the opportunities are within the company because that builds up a virtual emotional relationship. People who are not actually actively looking, who are quite happy in their jobs and you're trying to tempt them into your company. You've got to give something back and actually, there's got to be a carrot dangled because that will be the exact same for you as a business leader.



Terry Mallin: If you are looking for a new opportunity, if you're very successful. You're doing well, you're happy in your current role, to tempt you out of your current role you want as much detail and facts and figures as possible. If you see the hiring manager, it might be the business owner or it might be a CEO. Whoever it might be, or a managing director of that company. You see that person, you can see the passion for their business, a passion for their product and more importantly the people in their business, you're going to think twice aren't you? You're maybe going to want to go and meet that person so it's very important, the detail.


Scott Buchanan: I think Terry, you've totally, as we get in the habit of saying, hitting the nail on the head but actually, if you think of what I've always said for the last ten years at least around a candidate is always wanting to know ... The candidate can arguably do their own research and then find out what's there. The most important bit of information is actually the reason why they should be interested. Do you know, that way so what is the reason why they might want to leave whatever it is they're doing to go and join whatever the opportunity is?

Scott Buchanan: That type of piece of information or pieces of information are typically ones that can't necessarily go back and get in either. Do you know that way? I think that there's a bit of information getting carried over. Taking that one stage further from what a description, for a client leader to be stuck on a video speaking to the potential hire for their business is, it shows how serious they are about coming, attracting the best talent into the business. The few times that we've actually done that now, it's proved well, it's looking pretty good Terry, isn't it?


Terry Mallin: Yeah, exactly. I think it's important to make sure that when who's the conversation is actually be pretty clear about the time skills and the next steps as well? Because then what you actually get is people that do that switch. Change it in people's heads because then actually, it's nice to be head hunted, right? I hate that one, but it is nice to be approached by either a professional recruiter or a specific business leader, or whatever. As people feel wanted, they feel desired, as well.

Terry Mallin: You will get the conversations, but the important part is to work out who's going to be wasting your time and who's not. If you discuss at the end of the call clear time skills and outline the next steps, you'll be working to quickly suss out if that person is genuinely interested or not. You can start to move things for the people who are genuinely interested, which saves you wasting your time, wasting the company's time and the money that that would be associated with and hire the very individual hopefully for your business, who's buying into everything that's being discussed and can make a dramatic difference to your business.


Scott Buchanan: It's a clean method of doing it fairly without making, either the potential candidate or the client feeling awkward in any shape or form. That leaves good impressions. Give back good ... You know that fuzzy feeling, Terry?


Terry Mallin: Yeah.


Scott Buchanan: Do you remember that? That feeling?


Terry Mallin: A long time ago, Scott. Long time ago


Speaker 1: Thanks for listening to the Manufacturing Ignition podcast. If you've made it this far, we take it that you enjoyed the show. In return, we'd love it if you would leave us a rating and review on iTunes. Subscribe while you're there, and we'll catch you for the next episode.


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