No Matter Who You Are, You CAN Sell Yourself ! You Just Need a Marketing Mindset

08 August 2018

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After interviewing and marketing hundreds of people I have found many people have reservations and concerns about selling themselves.

There is a huge difference between honestly presenting the facts, being secure and satisfied with genuine achievement compared to boastful non-substantiated statements. Yes, nobody really likes a braggart. But don’t throw the “marketing baby” out with the bath water. Be clear in your mind what you have achieved. Be satisfied with your achievements. They will lead you into your next achievement. It is the use of talents that is what counts and what brings a well-earned reward.

A marketing mindset and an ability to sell yourself is critical to your Job Hunt Success. Who wants to hire someone who is not confident or sure about their achievements?



This is what I feel a marketing mindset is about and how it applies to selling yourself in your Job Hunt:

  1. Put yourself in the decision-makers shoes. What are they looking for?
  2. Next think about how of your relevant experience addresses those needs. How can you highlight those achievements clearly and confidently? Often showing the results of how you applied your transferable skills / talents is what you need to illustrate how you can meet those needs
  3. It is vital you spend time crystallising your thoughts and ideas on your core achievements and skills. The better you can capture those achievements the better you can communicate it
  4. Choose your words carefully since they carry emotion and meaning
  5. Focus on the positive
  6. Address concerns and potential stumbling blocks in your CV / skills / experience, without making a meal of it (e.g. You may not have stayed long at a company or moved a few times in a 2 years period. In this case highlight that they were contracts or you learnt an important lesson etc. As long as it is true! Spend time thinking how you can best present the truth and reasons for that)
  7. Good marketing is about putting your best foot forward, in an honest, sincere and positive way. To do this you need to be prepared by spending the time getting it clear and practicing how to say it (for an interview)
  8. Enjoy the process and let your heart and passions be expressed. Be alive. In an interview this really helps to connect with the person. Everyone wants to employ someone passionate about the job that they will do. 


Apply a marketing mind set into all of what you do in your career/ job search. If you are no good at marketing then get a marketing person to help you.

You can market yourself!

To your success!


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