What are the best engineering jobs around?

09 July 2018

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What are the best engineering jobs around?  Where are the best long term opportunities?  For many young engineers coming out of university, the choices are certainly wide ranging.  Engineers are much in demand in almost every industry. You don’t even have to stay in the UK as there are opportunities all over the world allowing you to travel while you earn and create a career. 


And it doesn’t end there.  Scope for future development and senior management roles are significant. Engineers lead the way in almost every form of manufacturing.  Their skills and knowledge are very much in demand whether it be in running departments, becoming company heads or undertaking the crucial research needed to survive in a world of constant change.  Engineers are perhaps by far the best placed to not only survive, but to thrive and benefit from the challenges that face the UK over the coming years.  It offers incredible career opportunities ensuring that engineers are at the forefront of business and commerce.



This is a world that is undergoing considerable change.  Not just in terms of politics or business development, but in terms of activities, of product sectors and issues.  Many young engineers coming out of the universities nowadays have a much wider viewpoint than has been hitherto the case.  The impact of the internet, the information cloud, of growing awareness of climate change, of environmental problems has resulted in greater concern about the creation of sustainable and environmentally friendly industries.


It is making for an intriguing mix of considerations at each stage of an engineer’s career.  Simple decisions as to whether to opt for higher salaries, or choose between industry sectors are being widened to include questions about how long to stay with one company, whether to innovate, whether to be an entrepreneur, whether to focus on the new industries that are appearing such as waste technology.



Looking at salaries, there is little doubt as to where the money lies.  Engineers opting for work in the energy sector can command the highest salaries rising in some cases to £80,000+.  Oil and gas engineering have been experiencing something of a downturn in recent years due to the low prices.  While new fields are still being discovered, the North Sea is beginning to run out of the easily available fuel presenting a major engineering challenge to access the remainder.  Yet this is not just a matter of the oil and gas sectors, but renewable energy and the creation of sustainable energy sources.  Top engineers are closely involved in the development and building of renewable energy technology and negotiating energy tariffs.  Alongside this are the other subsea sectors emerging such as mining and aquaculture.


Mechanical engineers are much more office based although they do need to make regular visits to factories, or building sites.  While it might lack some of the drama of working out in the oil fields or renewable energy sectors; these engineers have just as much chance of rising to the top.  The same can be said of any industry such as food or automotive engineering. The main difference is in the pay packet at the end of the month.



The challenges are still as high.  Take food wastage engineers for example who are seeking ways of dealing with millions of tons of food waste every week.  A large proportion is now being turned into biomass, a form of energy, while yet more is repurposed into other foods or products.  It is a career option which has great appeal to innovative engineers who can enjoy considerable kudos when discoveries are made – especially if they have an entrepreneurial instinct!


So just what are the best engineering jobs?  The answer depends purely on personal interest and aims.  For many engineers as they progress their careers the big question is what will offer the greatest challenge and fit in with their chosen lifestyle and personal interests.  For recruiters the task is clear – the engineers of the future are set to be highly demanding and enthusiastic, with less company loyalty and much wider interests.




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