Manufacturing Recruitment Advice - Outdated Recruitment Methods, Hiring Unproductive Candidates

13 July 2018

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announcer: Your listening to the Manufacturing Ignition Recruitment Advice, bringing you right up to date on the latest Recruitment information, trends, and discussions to help you recruit the best people for your business.

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announcer: Here's your host, Terry Mallin and Scott Buchanan.


Terry Mallin: Last week, in the previous episode, we discussed the first or two main problems we experience, in the manufacturing industry in terms of business leaders recruiting the best management team.

Terry Mallin: This week we're going to go for the final two problems. And I said at the start, if you haven't listened to episode one, please check by it. You can see it on Soundcloud and itunes. Over the coming weeks we will be discussing some of the solutions to the four problems identified, we're all about solving problems, we don't cause problems, we solve problems. That's why I'm excited to go through the next two episodes, in episodes 3 and 4.


Scott Buchanan: That's what we're all about.


Terry Mallin: So the recruitment minutes, so the two final problems we see are;

Terry Mallin: One: Traditional recruitment processes being outdated. My peace on that, Scott, I find hiring managers that I meet with and discuss, about the frustration about the recruitment processes, as I've got reservations and concerns if they are actually reaching the best people for their business, trust me, I adverts, just don't do it anymore. That is very outdated. With those reservations, and concerns, this can raise doubt when people are making hires, and I know a lot of people are under pressure regards to take constraints, etc. I mean this isn't, you know, I'm 100%, this isn't HR's, or internal recruitment team's fault, for the recruitment process had been outdated, or the business's fault. They've only got to work with limited tool which are provided to them. But I think, that's one of big issues I see, is there's a lot of traditional processes that are outdated.



Scott Buchanan: I think, and you know I'm pretty old school, and I think certainly tthe training we had from our established companies that's well recognized as being the leader, you know of what they do. That is really difficult when you see the results of the comparison of missing modern technology, and again we have talked about this before in recruitment. But actually it ultimately makes your clients world easier, having access to talent that wouldn't be as accessible, to that way and being now, yes we advertise some, but I know certain jobs during my time building relationships with people that actually probably aren't looking on the marketplace.


Terry Mallin: And Scott, to put your idea in perspective, if you're and HR manager or a head of HR, you just simply don't have the time to know that sort of network.


Scott Buchanan: As you know, these people, they've got another job to do, as well. To that way, and all their trying to find is the best talent. That's I'm sure what they're all trying to do.

Scott Buchannan: I guess it's just trying to make sure that we have access to that, and yeah, I think the processes and to be fair, some of the multinational organizations, that are out there as well, they sometimes, the local person whether it's the MD, the HR manager or its really a way of all the frustrations of not being able to get the talent. But they have to fall in to the international recruitment process, that might not be suited to the local market here among other things.


Terry Mallin: Yeah, yeah, 100% then. And as I touched on regarding adverts, is just not cutting it anymore, I mean that's Blatant, you know. It says to someone, you do need to build up that pool and make sure you are getting the best people for your business on the basis of ... Because these people could put extra zeros on the bottom number within the company.

Terry Mallin: I think those reservations and concerns are high on my just to have, do they have access to the best people? I think that often results in, because everybody is under pressure with time, etc, that this is resting on the individual I've hired. But I'm not 100% bought in to that person. I actually am 78% there, and that can often result in a wrong hire being made, either from a culture point of view or from an experience point of view. That brings not only the final problem where what I find is time, and money is wasted hiring unproductive candidates, and that can tie into business time, the money lost internally from everyone involved in that recruitment process. The time wasted in waiting on the, maybe the few month notice period, well maybe you've had an interim in place where you're paying a lot of money on a dayrateand then going thought that process of managing that person through the business, training and diverting to them, eventually exit the business and all the associated fees that come along with all that.

Terry Mallin: There's a whole lot of time and money in that and that's just been unproductive.



Terry Mallin: So, I think, putting enough of it in perspective, that ties in nicely with the problem 3 being traditional recruitment processes are outdated. If you were in a position where you had access to all the potential candidates for a specific role tat was on the marketplace, and you could make a 100% honest, gut feeling decision where you know you hired the right person, then that would solve a lot of this. Like, the problems I see with time wasted and money wasted on hiring the wrong person.

Terry Mallin: What's your thought, Scott?


Scott Buchanan: Yeah, I think, do you know what?

Scott Buchanan: Again, it's in the realm of education. We go by, generally, clients do believe that sometimes we are getting the best talent there. I do think that they believe they're person to work with for a long time, because we've worked with them for a long time, doing the traditional method of recruitment and it means that they will get the best talent. But as we know, and I'm not going to bore anyone with the stats just now, but you know that by embracing that the modern technology we certainly based on, and actually in building the relationships as we've always done, and also for the long return. The two work hand in hand well. I'm certain if you back from with your clients and from a candidate, it seems to be so far pretty good.

Scott Buchanan: Something actually to add to that, I got a call from a client earlier that actually it's a company I've worked with about 5 years, at least 5 years now, and they were a SME. As of 2017 I expect it to turn over 4m pounds, and this year, and speaking to the director of the business, through the years and ages I guess, and got the war scares, he was explaining, do you know how much nonsense was written on a CV? I was thinking, that is such an interesting point, do you ever hear that telling people by you've got a distinctive candidate and that they have written word for word down what they do as a job, but actually when you question them they actually can't give you the depth. Have you ever had them?


Terry Mallin: Yeah, yeah, no.

Terry Mallin: At the end of the day Scott, you know we alot of video interviews and stuff which gut to that feeling. But I have had that before, so yes that's quite interesting.


Scott Buchanan: What the client was explaining, was actually that he's now got to the point, and actually fucking wrote that down when he went to interview him in PC, that he actually requested that to inform us now for a couple of candidates so that they can actually compare. They are more interested in what we see, on the basis that they've got to see me unless there potential enough in bullet points, but the actual guts is more about what the candidate's actually saying.


Terry Mallin: Yeah


Scott Buchanan: Because that's what they go up and see the guys involved and they can see what's going on.


Terry Mallin: As I said, people are probably about more than me, about the whole issue. Just to summarize it:

Terry Mallin: Traditional processes, we feel, are outdated, often with manufacturing companies and that can result in the time and money wasted on hired unproductive candidates.

Terry Mallin: So over the next 2, 4 podcasts, we'll go through what the solutions that we find that could hopefully help you as a manufacturing leader or and HR manager to hopefully take some tips and advice if you can, and base out with your business to solve those problems.


Scott Buchanan: Yeah, absolutely, we're always happy to help and work closely with companies.


announcer: Thanks for listening to The Manufacturing Ignition Podcast.

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